alley finale

“Axis Alley seeks through creative engagement to utilize the backyards of vacant properties and vacant lots as a canvas for creative works that transform, activate and revitalize the overlooked, under-attended areas of Baltimore’s back alleys. In neighborhoods where the vacancy rate of properties runs high, the alley seems to become the indicator of urban difficulties: trash, rats, homeless people, prostitution and drugs. These somewhat forbidding alleys (dark and unlit at night), while speaking of endemic problems in the city, possess a certain toxic beauty and  provide a fascinating possibility of urban intervention and creative gesture.”

axis alley has officially ended as construction has begun also in the 2200 block. june 26th marked the finale tour for amerians for the arts and we were honored to have mel chin present. it was pretty funny to have a large air conditioned tour bus pull up to our humble alley! great alternative  tourism organized by kim domanski and ryan patterson.

we are also honored to have been selected for the public art networks’ 2010 year in review curated this year by fred wilson and helen lessick.

complete list is found here: 2010_panYearInReview

a CD (for purchase) of all selected works for that can be found here.

thanks for all your support, interest and participation!

below you will find a photographic documentation of the entire process beginning to end , and works by the 30 plus total of artists who participated in both the fall and spring openings.


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