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Vacant: Activating Baltimore Alleys through Creative Action

Axis Alley seeks through creative engagement to utilize the backyards of vacant properties and vacant lots as a  canvas for creative works that transform, activate and revitalize the overlooked, under-attended areas of Baltimore’s back alleys. In neighborhoods where the vacancy rate of properties runs high, the alley seems to become the indicator of urban difficulties…trash, rats, homeless people, prostitution and drugs. These somewhat forbidding alley’s (dark and unlit at night),while speaking of endemic problems in the city, posess a certain toxic beauty and  provide a fascinating possibility of urban intervention and creative gesture.


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Install Date Changes

please note the install dates have changed to October 2 -October 17 with the opening event happening on October 18 during open studios. it’ll be more fun with more of us all working in the same time frame, plus you have a little more time to finish your piece.

so looking forward to seeing all the proposals!

more info below-and to the right, including site addresses and forms.

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Call for Entries and Participation!

Axis Alley calls for propsals for site -specific works to be installed in the alley behind N.Calvert street in the blocks between 25th st and North avenue and possibly extending in both North and South directions to re-activate the alley connecting Station North to the BMA through creative works.

Works in  all media and disciplines are encourage to  submit, but all works should be highly site-specific. Works that utilize solar light as an illumination device for a night prescence are highly encouraged.

All works must be minimally invasive physically to the site and must be able to withstand all conditions of a public venue for six-months, such as weather conditions, vandalism and so forth.

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